Top 6 Oriental Garden Accessories

Top 6 Oriental Garden Accessories

There’s something special about Oriental gardens. Beautiful, tranquil, and reflective, designed to be in harmony with nature, they’re a celebration of the art and traditions of the east.  Whether you want to create a complete Oriental garden or simply add a touch of Eastern atmosphere, choosing the right garden accessories can help give you the effect you want. 

Less is more, so choose your accessories carefully. Look for natural materials like stone, earthenware pottery, and bamboo to keep your designs grounded in nature. To get your creative juices flowing, here are our top six Oriental garden accessories.

Top 6 Oriental Garden accessories

  1. Stone lanterns 
    These are often called pagoda lanterns because of their tiered shape. Originally, stone lanterns were used to light pathways in Buddhist temples and were later incorporated into Japanese tea gardens as ornaments. You could use your stone lantern to mark the beginning or end of a path or place it in a border surrounded by hostas and other Japanese-style plants.

  2. Bamboo water fountain
    The sound of running water adds something special to any garden, and Japanese gardens, in particular, always include water in some form. Hollow bamboo stems make perfect water pipes, and you could add a decorative dish or stone bowl to catch the moisture or let it fall gently into a pond. 

  3. Stone bench
    Oriental gardens are designed for rest and meditation, so place a stone bench in a secluded corner, giving you somewhere to pause, relax, and appreciate your garden.

  4. Buddha statue 
    Whether you choose a laughing Buddha, praying Buddha, or merely a Buddha head, these statues instantly evoke the temples of south-east Asia, bringing a sense of spirituality to your garden. Traditionally, a Buddha statue should face the east and be raised off the ground on a pedestal or platform. 

  5. Stone water basin
    These water basins are traditional in Japanese tea gardens, to be used for ritual cleansing before tea ceremonies. They come in different shapes and sizes. The Natsume water basin is tall and upright, taking its name from the similarly-shaped tea caddy used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. A Tsukubai bowl, or ‘crouching bowl’, is lower, encouraging visitors to a tea garden to get into an appropriately humble mindset before a tea ceremony. Add a bamboo dipper and let your guests scoop the cold, cleansing water over their hands.

  6. Oriental planters
    Containers make ideal Oriental garden accessories, used as focal points in a big garden, or planted with a beautiful Japanese maple or azalea on a balcony or patio. Look for containers with simple lines in natural materials such as stone or terracotta, or go for traditional blue-and-white porcelain planters that make beautiful ornaments in their own right.

Whatever garden style you want to create, whether it’s a classic Oriental garden, a cottage garden, or a contemporary look, you’ll find plants and accessories to inspire you in our centre. 

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