Plant Guarantee

We have a colour coded guarantee system for or shrubs and trees, most are guaranteed for one year.


Our general plant guarantee has a GR on the back of the price/information tag and come with a green coloured planting instruction.  These plants are all well suited to most locations and do not need any specific winter or location care.  With this guarantee you can upgrade to a 5 yr guarantee with the purchase of MYKE mycorrhizae.  The guarantee is a one-time replacement for the value paid, and wil be issued as a plant check credit note. 


Variety specific guarantees that are good until September 30th of the year that they were purchased:

Rhododendron, Azalea, Holly, Pieris and Macrophylla Hydrangea are all guaranteed until Sept. 30th of the year purchased, yellow planting instructions and a YE on the back of the tag.  They cannot benefit from MYKE,  mycorrhizae.  The location and specific soil requirements that these plants need limit their guarantee.

Roses are  guaranteed until Sept. 30th of the year purchased, Pink planting instructions.  The need for specific winter protection and the unpredictability of our winters make them need a little more care, but are totally worth it. 


Japanese Maples, Magnolia, Flowering Dogwoods and some location tender plants are guaranteed until Sept. 30th of the year purchased, salmon planting instructions with SA on the back of the tag.  Sheltered locations and a bit of winterizing  TLC  helps them through the winters.


Perennials, blue planting instructions, are guaranteed until Sept. 30th of the year of purchase. 


If you have any questions about how your plant looks or if there is a problem, send a picture to and we can take a look to see what might be happening to your plant and give you suggestions as to the care needed.  

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