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At Walter's Greenhouse, we take great pride in our selection of perennial plants. These hardy plants return year after year, providing you with a lush, thriving garden for years to come. From early spring to late fall, perennials offer a constant display of colour and texture, making them a valuable addition to any garden. Whether you're looking for shade-loving perennials or sun-loving varieties, we have a wide selection of plants to choose from, including popular options like daylilies, daisies, and coneflowers. And the best thing? It is only a short drive from:

What else does our garden centre have to offer?

At Walter's Greenhouse, we offer much more than just perennial plants. Our garden centre is your one-stop shop for all your gardening needs, including a wide selection of tropical plants that are sure to add a touch of exotic beauty to your garden. We also offer a range of stylish and functional pottery that is perfect for displaying your plants or creating beautiful garden arrangements. And don't forget about the soil - we offer a variety of high-quality soils to ensure that your plants have the nutrients they need to thrive. With everything from seeds to soils, you'll find everything you need at Walter's Greenhouse to create a garden that's both beautiful and healthy.

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In addition to offering a wide selection of perennials, our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer advice and guidance. Whether you're new to gardening or have been at it for years, we can help you find the perfect plants for your garden and provide tips on care and maintenance. So why wait? Visit us today and discover the many benefits of planting perennials in your garden.

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