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Welcome to Walter's Greenhouses & Garden Centre

51 years of blooming pleasure - we have been here for a long time! We are the experts when it comes to your gardening and planting needs. We sell locally sourced plants for local gardens. We're looking forward to welcoming you to our garden centre in Paris Ontario! 

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Ideas for Small Gardens

With so many ideas for small gardens, you can still grow an abundance of fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and have all of the accessories and fun of a more extensive garden.

9 Fun Garden Activities for Kids

Help your kids develop a green thumb with these fun gardening activities!

How to Grow Herbs Indoors

This how-to-grow herbs indoors advice will ensure you get the best from your herbs for the longest harvesting period you can and help to keep your herbs looking fresh and thriving indoors.

Artificial Grasses to Grow

These artificial grasses to grow can bring something extra to your home and garden.

How to Grow Fruit on Your Balcony

Fancy eating fruit picked fresh from your own balcony? Find out which fruits grow best in pots and how to make the most of your balcony garden.

7 Top Garden Tips for Victoria Day

We’ve put together our top tips for Victoria Day on how to get your garden into shape for the summer.

15 Garden Tips for May

May is a beautiful month to be out in the garden, with birds singing, bees buzzing, and everything coming into bloom. Here are our top gardening tips for May to get your garden looking great for the summer.

Fun seeds to sow during late spring

Springtime is the busiest time of year for sowing seeds with windowsills and greenhouses full of seed trays, seedlings sprouting up, and pots of plants being potted up. It's a great time to enjoy the magic of gardening, and there is nothing as fascinating as watching a seed germinate and start growing strong, no matter how long you have been gardening. There are still plenty of seeds that can be sown late in spring and throughout the summer, some of which include these below.