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Welcome to Walter's Greenhouses & Garden Centre

51 years of blooming pleasure - we have been here for a long time! We are the experts when it comes to your gardening and planting needs. We sell locally sourced plants for local gardens. We're looking forward to welcoming you to our garden centre in Paris Ontario! 

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Growing Fruit in Pots

You don’t need a big garden to grow your own fruit, just a pot on a sunny patio or balcony. Choose the right plants, follow a few simple steps, and you’ll soon be enjoying delicious harvests of your own fresh-picked fruit. 

How to Grow Sempervivums

Sempervivum means ‘always alive’, and it’s a good description of these attractive and easy-to-grow succulents.

Top 5 Alliums to Grow

Our top 5 Alliums to grow have been picked from the many Allium varieties available for gardeners that are all lovely bulbs and bloom into some of the most wonderful of all spring bulbs.

Wildlife That’s Good for Your Garden

You’re not the only one who enjoys your garden. There’s a whole host of creatures living in it, helping to create a balanced ecosystem. Here are a few to look out for and some tips on encouraging wildlife in your garden.

How to Store Autumn Harvests

Are you wondering how to store autumn harvests? Autumn harvests are some of the most delicious and there are many ways to store them. Here are our tips.

Planning Next Year’s Spring Bulbs

Start planning next year’s spring bulbs at the end of the summer and into early autumn, and you will be ready and prepared for a gorgeous spring display the following spring.

Balcony Gardening

Small balcony gardens can be a beautiful space for you to enjoy, as well as a haven for bees and other pollinators in urban environments. Whether you prefer flowers, foliage, or fruit and vegetables, there are a number of plants that will grow happily in pots on a balcony. 

How to Weave Your Own Wattle Edging

Use a low wattle fence to define the edge of a bed and make a good wind barrier to protect young seedlings.