Start Planting New Garden Plants

Start Planting New Garden Plants

It is time to start planting new garden plants as the summer comes to an end and we move into autumn. You’ll notice the beautiful changing of the leaves, the drop in temperature and as the harvests may continue, there will be plenty of clearing up to do in the garden and on the allotment. This time of year is great for reflecting on what you have grown, what you loved in the garden and what you might want to plant for next year. During autumn, before it gets too cold, is the ideal time to plant out some perennials, shrubs, and trees as it allows them time to settle in before the colder months and they will be ready to grow the following year. So, what do you consider when planting new plants at this time of year?

Check the Weather Before You Start Planting New Garden Plants 

Although this time of year is a great time to start planting because the soil is still warm and the weather is wet, it is really important to make sure the soil conditions are right and that frosts are not immediately imminent.

  • Never plant into waterlogged or frozen soil as your plants will struggle to survive.
  • When you do plant, make sure you give your new plants a good mulch to protect them.
  • Generally, the right conditions for autumn planting are up to six weeks before the first frosts.
  • If the weather is dryer, make sure you water your new plants to help them establish before the frosts. 

Bulbs Are a Great Way to Start Planting New Garden Plants 

The best time of year to plant our most popular and loved spring bulbs is now. Choose from the many varieties of Daffodils available from classic yellow to white and even pink. Also, fragrant hyacinth, snowdrops, and bluebells can all be planted in autumn. Tulips can be left until a little later in the year. Mix and match for a showstopper display of colour in your garden. 

Start Planting New Garden Plants This Year with Perennials

Perennial plants can be planted out during autumn, so you can choose your favourite plants and let them establish roots, go into dormancy over winter and then surprise you with new shoots and flowers the following year. From Agapanthus to Astrantia and Linaria to Lupinus, go with what you would like to see fill your borders and pots for next year.

Enjoy the warmer of the autumn days, absorb some sunshine, and enjoy planting out your new plants ready for next year. 


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