Easter Monday Egg Hunting

Easter Monday Egg Hunting

Have fun Easter Monday egg hunting with these top 5 fun ideas. From outside to inside and even organized events, there is something for each of you to enjoy this Easter. We hope the Easter Bunny visits you!

1. Go big outside with Easter Monday egg hunting

It’s been quite a year, and it is great to have something to look forward to. So if the weather is looking good where you are, why not throw a party in your garden? Easter egg hunting in the garden can be so much fun. You could paint some eggs, buy some delicious chocolate eggs or anything resembling an egg and hide them all around your garden. Then sit back in the garden with a tasty drink and a chunk of a chocolate egg. Don’t forget Easter decorations, including bunting!

2. Easter Monday egg hunting can be just as fun inside

Especially if the weather isn’t looking great outside, why not hide your eggs all around your house then leave clues for finding them in fun places like the washing machine! When the fun of the egg hunting has finished, sit down for a family dinner and even play some music for an after-party. 

3. Find an organized Easter Monday egg hunting venue

Some egg hunts are already organized around the country where you can safely go to gander the grounds and find eggs at the same time. It is a nice idea to get outside in the fresh air and see a new garden and landscape, so have a look at what’s going on near you to see if there is something you like the look of. 

4. Go to the park for your Easter Monday egg hunting

If you haven’t got much room at home or just want to get out and about, why not have a picnic and hide your eggs in the park? Send the kids off hunting while you put your feet up with a cup of tea! If you don’t want to actually go about egg hunting at all, an Easter Monday picnic in the park will be just as nice!

5. Easter Monday egg hunting for rewards

If you don’t want to hide chocolate eggs, why not put a ‘reward’ in each egg that is found. So whoever finds it doesn’t get chocolate, but they do get a nice reward. Just fun vouchers for the finders’ favourite dinner or stay up 30 minutes later than usual. Of course, if you would like the rewards to be big, you could always choose a new houseplant or make a mini pond. The options are endless to enjoy Easter egg hunting. 

Find some fun plant rewards for your Easter egg hunt in store.

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