Pantone 2023 colour of the year in your garden

Pantone 2023 colour of the year in your garden

The Pantone 2023 colour of the year, viva magenta 18-1750, is a colour full of strength, exuberance, joy, and optimism. Said to be rooted in nature, it’s a stand-out colour that invokes self expression and a rebellious spirit. The colour ties in with a natural dye of this shade and represents ‘all that is real’ in a time of technology. But how can you use the colour magenta in your garden? From plants to accessories, there are many ways to bring the 2023 Pantone colour of the year into your home and garden.

Magenta coloured garden flowers

If you simply want to bring in the colour of the year to your home with some flowers, keep an eye out for magenta coloured cut flowers to pop in a vase. There are plenty of garden plants with a similar shade that can be cut for a vase, such as Zinnia elegans ‘Giant Purple Prince’, Geranium Patricia (‘Brempat’), Peony 'Felix Crousse’, Rosa 'Timeless Purple’, Calibrachoa ‘Goodnight Kiss’, Impatiens Sunpatiens Magenta and many more.

Pantone 2023 colour of the year in your garden

Indoor and outdoor cushions

If you want to try making your own cushions, find some magenta material and get your sewing machine out! Otherwise you will find plenty of indoor and outdoor seating options with cushions either in a magenta colour or with similar shades in the patterns of the cushions. A cream cushion with magenta flowers or stripes on would look seriously stylish in any garden.

Houseplants with magenta flowers or foliage

Yes, there are indoor plants with glorious colours thath can definitely bring some trendy magenta into your home. From colourful flowers such as magenta-coloured Orchids to stunning foliage of Oxalis trianuglaris. Calathea roseopicta ‘Rosy’ has lovely pink  leaves, or a pink Saintpaulia or a Calathea with pink stripes, a cactus with pink flowers or even a pink flowering Bromeliad.

Magenta home and garden accessories

It isn’t just plants that can bring the magenta magic into your home and garden but cushions and many other accessories will add a splash of colour where you want it. Candles, plant pots, tea towels, even gardening gloves, kneeling pads, and a painted shed can all be magenta! Lightshades, picture frames, storage baskets - there’s really no reason why viva magenta can’t be introduced into your home and garden this year.

Pantone 2023 colour of the year in your garden

Grow your magenta flowering garden plants with plenty of lime green foliage and white umbellifers and make your garden look full of life this year. For plants and accessories to bring your garden to life, visit us in our center.

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