Sustainable kitchen garden ideas

Sustainable kitchen garden ideas

With lots of sustainable kitchen garden ideas, you may be wondering where to start and what is best for your garden. First of all, it is great news that you want to think about gardening sustainably and secondly, we think it is all the more fun to do so! There are many ways to incorporate sustainable ideas in your kitchen garden that all start with thinking about every single thing you do. Before you do anything, first ask yourself if it is good for the planet. Here’s some ideas we love for sustainable gardening.

Everything is organic

One of the best ways to ensure your garden is happy and healthy is to use organic products and practices. This means soil, wildlife, and plants all grow naturally without the use of harmful chemicals. Non organic products can deplete the soil of nutrients and destroy pollinators. Try organic feeds such as Comfrey or Nettle, and biological pest controls.

Reuse, recycle and up-cycle

This is the fun part! When you garden sustainably you will look at everything you use and wonder how you can reuse it, if it can be recycled in the garden or put in the compost or up-cycled in some way. Cardboard tubes from toilet rolls can become seed pots, drawers become quirky planters and even baths and beds can be used in the kitchen garden to grow vegetables.

Sustainable kitchen garden ideas

Choose the right plants

One of the most important aspects of gardening sustainably is to ensure your planting suits your environment. If the environment is very hot and dry, make sure your plants are drought tolerant. If it is shady and moist, plant accordingly. This will help your garden thrive long into the future.

Look after your soil

Everything starts in the soil. Without good soil, not much will grow. Your soil is home to millions of organisms that are beneficial to the garden and will help your vegetables to grow. Collect fallen leaves to use as leaf mulch, use grass clippings, put garden waste in the compost bin and use it when it is ready, mulch to retain moisture and provide nutrients and always ensure it is organic.

Collect rainwater

Minimising water usage in the garden, especially during hot and dry weather is really important. Water containers in the kitchen garden are a great way to collect rainwater to reuse when your plants need it, which is what plants prefer. These containers can be connected to your shed or greenhouse or freestanding and will soon fill up over winter.

Sustainable kitchen garden ideas

Ensure your garden is sustainable by choosing from our organic range of products in our store.

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