Clean Your Garden in Fall

Clean Your Garden in Fall

Fall is the time to clean your garden, ensuring it is ready for the winter months ahead and even beyond spring and summer. Cleaning the garden may not seem like the most exciting of all the garden tasks a gardener can do, but it is necessary to help your garden thrive. Plus, cleaning your garden can help prevent pests and diseases while securing everything for the winter months. Here are a few tips for having a clean-up in your garden.

  1. Wash pots and containers

  • Gather all of your empty pots and containers that have been used or left standing outside and give them a soak in warm, soapy water.
  • Use a sponge and clean it inside and out to get rid of any overwintering pests or diseases.
  • By doing this now, you can stack your pots safely in the shed and be ready to start sowing next spring.
  1. Scrub patios and decking

Over the wetter months, both patios and decking can get slippery and dirty. Now is a good time to scrub them to ensure there is no build-up, or use a pressure washer to clean off any dirt, algae, and moss. Not only will it leave you with a clean-looking space as the weather sets in, but it will be much safer when you go outside over winter.

  1. Cover garden furniture

Moving your furniture to a sheltered spot, if possible, will help the longevity of your tables and chairs. Covering with some garden furniture covers will also help keep the elements from prematurely aging your furniture. There are many options available in various sizes, so measure up and find a cover that suits your garden.

  1. Secure all structures

After the growing season has finished, you may be left with bamboo canes, arches, and stakes, which have been used to grow plants up or along. Or, if there are any structures in your garden that might blow over or break in high winds, now is the time to remove them for storage, repair them if damaged, or secure them in the ground so they won't move.

  1. Move garden pots

Garden pots and plants may benefit from being huddled together and moved to a sheltered area, so the elements don't cause too much damage. Placing them together and on pot feet will help your garden look tidy for fall and winter, allowing you to sit back and plan what you'd like to achieve next year.

For cleaning tools and equipment to secure your garden this winter, visit us in store.

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