Summer Rose Care

Summer Rose Care

It is summer rose care time now we are in the middle of summer, and the weather has been hot. We are often asked for rose care tips and advice, especially about how to keep some blooming, disease-free and thriving throughout the hotter months of the year. Roses are actually very easy to care for and can be grown in all-size gardens, in pots and containers and in cutting gardens. Perhaps the best-known flower in the world, both the variety of colours and fragrances means there is a rose to suit absolutely everyone. Here is how to take care of them throughout the summer. 

Feeding Schedule

Roses do need to be well fed. They will thrive so much more with a regular feeding schedule at the right times throughout the year. Use a high in nitrogen feed after the winter cut back (February time) and then a high potash feed every two weeks throughout the growing season. It doesn’t matter how old or young your roses are; feeding matters.

Watering Needs 

Roses need watering, and they will thank you for it during hot weather. Heavy rain can leave the flowers looking a bit bedraggled but will help to keep the soil moist.

  • When you water roses, we recommend watering directly on the soil.
  • Water regularly and daily in warm weather if they are growing in containers.
  • Make sure they aren’t sitting in water, though, because that can cause root rot. 

Maintenance Work

It’s essential to keep on top of deadheading your roses. You’ll know when to deadhead as the petals will fall off or turn brown. Deadheading will allow the plant to put more energy into more buds blooming. If you have a rose that also has lovely rose hips, don’t deadhead so much, or you’ll lose the hips as well. You can very lightly prune out any dead, diseased or damaged material at any time to prevent pests and diseases, but anything more than that should wait until the end of winter. 

Summer Rose Care Uses

  • Many roses can be used in homemade toiletries and cosmetics.
  • They can even be used medicinally, so don’t waste any petals that are still in good condition.
  • Collect them, give them a rinse and use them for your well-being.
  • Dried roses can be used as natural confetti, dried or fresh petals for a cup of fresh tea, and fresh petals in the bath for an indulgent soak after a day in the garden.
  • You can bake with roses or make a face toner to spritz after a warm summer’s day. 

For summer pruning and rose care, including feed, pots and advice, visit us in store.

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