Plant Care Products to Use in Summer

Plant Care Products to Use in Summer

There are many plant care products to use in summer since it is the time of year when the garden is in full bloom and crops are abundant. Not only will you be immersed in the joy of gardening, but you will also bring home crops of homegrown fruit and vegetables, cut flowers for the vase, and herbs for a healthy herbal tea. We hope you get some relaxing time in the garden to enjoy everything you have grown, but there will also be plenty to do as your plants will need to be taken care of to keep thriving. These are some of the top plant care products you might need in the summer.

Plant Care Products You Need in the Summer

  1. Crop netting: many plants will soon be devoured by garden pests. Brassicas, for example, can appear fine one day and then be munched by caterpillars the next day. Ideally, some butterfly netting will keep them at bay. Other nets might be needed to cover over your fruit to stop birds from pinching the fruit before you get to them, and the same for peas and even some fruit trees.

  2. Carrot root fly protection: if you are growing carrots in the ground, you will most likely need some root fly protection. They can't fly above 60cm, so the protection won't be required if you are growing in a higher raised bed. You can also companion plants with chives and spring onions in the ground. For example, carrot root flies won't like the smell of those. But, the best method is to cover your carrots with a fine mesh that they can't get through.

  3. Cabbage collars: if you are growing your own cabbages, cauliflowers, sprouts, or broccoli, place a cabbage collar around the base to protect them from cabbage root flies and deter slugs and snails. They just sit around the bottom of the plant and help to protect them as they grow throughout the summer.

  4. Plant feed: many plants will need extra feed during summer, especially crops such as tomatoes and bedding plants in hanging baskets or containers. Many organic fertilizers are available, which will give your plants the boost they need.

  5. Secateurs: both to harvest and deadhead, secateurs are a must! Keep on top of deadheading, and many plants will continue to bloom for an extended period. Clean, sharp secateurs will make this job much more manageable.

Please find all of your plant care products in store when you visit us. We will ensure your garden looks at its best this summer.

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