Upcycling Home Trends With Used Furniture

Upcycling Home Trends With Used Furniture

These upcycling home trends with used furniture are a great way to spruce up furniture that you no longer want to use but don’t want to throw out. Upcycling can mean that you create something new for your home, something to sell, or for someone else. It helps minimize landfill and can be an environmentally friendly way to update your home and garden furnishings. 

1. Upcycling with old wooden desks 

If you are done with an old wooden desk looking worse for wear, grab a sander and some paint. Sand it down, prime the wood, and then paint it with a beautiful bold colour such as bright royal blue or stunning emerald green. If your desk has drawers, why not line them with floral wallpaper so that you’ll have a lovely flowery surprise. 

2. Upcycling with brick plants 

Do you have a pile of old bricks left over in the garden from a building project? Clean them up, pop some soil in the holes, and plant them with succulents. Place a few together, and you have a really easy and beautiful display of plants, using old bricks. 

3. Upcycling with a mirror

Have you decided to change your mirror or moved house and your mirror no longer matches? Here are a few steps you should follow if you want to transform an old mirror into a trendy interior item. Your guests will desperately ask you where you bought this masterpiece. The secret is you've made it yourself! Here's how you change an old mirror into a super accessory:

  • clean up the frame,
  • sand it if it's wooden,
  • give it a lick of paint or polish if metal,
  • instead of hanging it on the wall, place it with the mirror upwards on a table and put candles on it.

This makes a lovely display and as the candles burn, they will reflect in the glass. 

4. Upcycling with bicycle wheels 

Do you have an old bike you are no longer likely to ride again? Please don’t throw it away! If you have a garden or allotment, an old bike can come in handy! For decorative purposes, you could spray the bike a bright colour and plant up a basket of herbs on the front of it, or you can use the wheels for climbing plants to attach to the spokes. 

5. Upcycling with a comfy chair

If you have a comfy old chair that has lost its sparkle or doesn't suit your style anymore, get creative and upholster it yourself. Clean up the chair, fix anything needed and then pick your new material to cover the chair just how you want it. It can be therapeutic and delightful seeing your new project coming together and then taking a seat with a cup of tea!

Get Inspired by Old Furniture at Our Garden Centre

If you want to gather some inspiration, we invite you to come over to our garden centre. At our garden centre, we stand for a sustainable life. Reusing old furniture and accessories is part of this. We have many items from candles to plants in store to help you with your upcycling projects. Discover our range in store.

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