How to take care of house plants and tropical plants during winter?

How to take care of house plants and tropical plants during winter?

You might wonder what winter looks like when it comes to taking care of house plants. It might seem obvious that they need less water for example, but what can you do to optimize the health of your house plants during colder seasons? Some house plants are originally used to tropical conditions, so some extra care might be needed these days. We will help you out with some tips and tricks to take care of your (tropical) house plants during winter!

Make sure to provide enough light during winter

The days are getting shorter and shorter, so it’s getting more difficult to get enough light. The amount of light that your plants receive during winter depends on the position of your house. For some less favorable positions, it could be the case that only a few windows of your house provide enough light for your plants. Be prepared to move your plants closer to the windows or lighter areas of your house. Another thing to do while moving the plants, is making sure to clean the leaves, which might get a little dusty every now and then. This will also help to absorb the light even better.

Create a new watering schedule: less is moreOrgunique-House-Plant-Tropical-product

Even though the air will be drier during the winter, your indoor plants will need less water. Some house plants don’t grow at all during winter, others just grow at a very slow pace, so they only need a little bit of water. The requirements are different for various sorts of plants, but keep in mind that while the surface of the soil could be dry, it’s not beneficial to have the leaves to dry as well. That’s a sign that your plants actually need more water.

When to provide extra nutrients for indoor plants and tropicals?

Winter is basically a resting season for plants. That means less water, less growth and less significant changes on the outside. As part of the natural cycle, after a period of rest there will be a period of growth. Indoor plants and tropical plants will start to grow again when the first signs of spring arrive. When you see the earliest signs of growth, you can boost your plant’s health and growth by feeding Orgunique House Plant & Tropical. The boost that Orgunique House Plant & Tropical will not only ensure a better growth, but also enables foliage to enrich and colours to brighten. That’s a warm welcome for you plants after the resting season!

Support your house plants in winter for a better spring

Plants adapt automatically to every season. As we take care of our plants, we are encouraged to do the same. On first sight winter might seem a little bit boring, but it’s actually the plant’s way to recharge for more growth during spring and summer! If we take this by example, and kindly adjust to the change in needs, we will enjoy our indoor plants and tropical plants even more in the seasons to come!

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