Top 8 Roses for Scent

Top 8 Roses for Scent

These top 8 roses for scent will ensure your garden is full of beautiful fragrances throughout the summer, plus plenty of stunning colours. There are many roses to choose from, and it is most definitely a personal choice. There are many options, from deciding which rose you would like to grow based on the type suitable for your garden to the sentimental value of a memory or even the name. These eight roses are full of gorgeous scents, and there is bound to be one you love, or perhaps all of them.

Roses for Scent

  1. Rosa ‘St Ethelburga’
    This is a wonderfully fragrant modern classic shrub rose. With a vigorous growth rate and delicate pink petals, ‘St Ethelburga’ has large, double-cupped blooms that never fail to make people smile. This one can be grown in a container, as hedging, or even as a small climber. The flowers also look lovely in a vase. 
  2. Rosa ‘Etoile de Hollande’ 
    This climbing hybrid tea rose has an incredible scent with large, double blooms, and the most vibrant crimson petals. It has a vigorous growth habit, and the flowers are great in bouquets or for valentines. You will be able to smell the scent from quite far away. 
  3. Rosa ‘Korresia’
    This floribunda has stunning bright yellow, full flowers with a sweet scent when up close. The flowers are formed in clusters and look vibrant with the dark glossy foliage. It can be grown in a container or hedging. 
  4. Rosa ‘Gertrude Jekyll’
    This pink English shrub rose is an early flowering, bright pink-coloured stunner. It has a typical old rose scent and is a classic. It has a vigorous habit and grows into a large upright shrub.
  5. Rosa Munstead Wood
    The deep crimson-coloured English shrub rose is a beauty that everyone comments on. Not only are the flowers large and complete as they open, but they change over time and have a strong old rose fragrance with a fruitiness not to be missed.
  6. Rosa ‘Albertine’
    This is a well-known rambling rose with a flush of large pale pink roses and some seriously thorny stems! The flowers change to a deeper pink with age, and the fragrance is stunning on this, perfect as a boundary wall rose. The flowers are full and many throughout the summer. 
  7. Rosa ‘Margaret Merril’
    A highly scented bush white rose that looks lovely as a cut flower in a vase. It can be grown in a container or as a hedge. 
  8. Rosa ‘Anna Pavlova’
    This modern shrub rose is full of large, highly scented flowers that are delicate pink but have a darker shade at the base. Very beautiful! 

We have many roses in store, come in to visit us to choose yours. 

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