Ensure You Have a Pet-Friendly Garden

Ensure You Have a Pet-Friendly Garden

It’s essential to ensure you have a pet-friendly garden to keep your family pets safe in your garden. There are many opportunities for a pet to encounter something unwittingly knowing it could cause a problem for themselves. From garden security to pet-friendly plants, there are many things you can do to ensure their safety so you can enjoy the garden with all of the family, including your furry friends. 

Boundary Security Is Essential to Ensure You Have a Pet-Friendly Garden 

This isn’t just limited to dogs, but any pet you have in the garden that could escape will need a safe and secure boundary. Here are some thoughts: 

  • a tall fence for chickens;
  • no holes under fences for guinea pigs;
  • no gaps in hedging or gates for dogs, rabbits, and any other pet you might have;
  • keep gates closed and locked;
  • check on your boundary frequently to ensure there is no damage that your pet might find and wander off through.

Sometimes the thrill of something new is too exciting for them so that they will go off on an adventure! 

Ensure You Have a Pet-Friendly Garden by Planting Non-Toxic Plants 

Planting choices are crucial if your pets ingest anything from the garden that might make them sick or worse. The good news is that plenty of plants are perfectly safe and won’t cause your pet any harm at all if they decide to have a nibble. Dogs, for example, do like to have a chew, so to limit that, you could plant in containers and hanging baskets, so they are harder to reach, but if you do have beds and borders, always check that the plants you are buying are safe.

Never Use Chemicals to Ensure You Have a Pet-Friendly Garden 

Apart from the negative environmental impact of using chemicals in your garden, if ingested by your pet, they could become seriously ill. Always opt for a natural, pet-friendly option if you use something in your gardens, such as lawn feed or pest control. It’s simply not worth the risk to the planet or your pets. 

Ensure You Have a Pet-Friendly Garden for Playtime 

Your garden is a place for everyone to enjoy, and it’s so much fun to see your pets enjoying it. From a shallow paddling pool for dogs to keep cool in the summer to non-thorny plants, your dog tries to find a ball that goes awry. Think about how your pet will use the garden and implement pet-safe planting and security. 

We love pets, so visit our store for pet-friendly products and plants, helping to keep them safe. 

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