Start Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs

Start Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs

Now it’s time to start planting spring-flowering bulbs to make sure you get that splash of colour in spring next year. Gardeners always have to look toward the seasons ahead, and this time of year can be a busy one for gardeners everywhere. As summer comes to an end and we head into autumn, look ahead to the time of year where nature seems to wake up after a cold winter. There’s nothing more wonderful than seeing Daffodils, Tulips, Alliums, Hyacinths, and many more spring bulbs blooming as the garden springs into life again. 

Plan What You Will Grow Before You Start Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs 

Think about what you would like to grow next year. Will you have a bed full of spring bulbs and then plant with annuals, or will you plant your bulbs around shrubs and perennials? Consider your space, and then think about the colours you would like to grow. Would you like all pink or all calming whites? Perhaps you’d like a mixture of all kinds of colours. Have a plan in mind, and that will make your bulb choices much easier. 

Start Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs Anytime From Now

Autumn is a hectic time in the garden, clearing away plants, finishing the summer harvests, mulching the soil, and composting. One of the most lovely jobs is planting bulbs, and most can be planted anytime from September to November as long as the ground isn’t frozen or waterlogged. Tulips can be planted until Christmas, so there is plenty of time, but if you want to get ahead, why not start now. 

How to Start Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs 

Bulbs need to be hidden under the soil, where they store energy through the winter until they pop up through the ground and give us so much spring joy when they bloom.

Planting depths are usually about three times the size of the bulb, but you can also use this guide to know how deep you should plant the bulbs:

  • Tulips, 20cm
  • Iris, 10cm
  • Daffodils, 15cm
  • large Alliums, 30cm
  • smaller Alliums, 15cm
  • Crocus, Snowdrops, and Hyacinths, 10cm

Too deep may mean they won’t flower but too shallow, you may find them eaten by squirrels! 

Start Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs in Containers 

It doesn’t matter if you have a small space. Bulbs grow really well in pots and containers as well. You can plant lots into one pot for a bustling display and even create a ‘bulb lasagna’ where you plant a few of each bulb at the correct depths in the same container. So, for example, Tulips at the bottom on a layer of compost, then cover with compost and plant Daffodil bulbs, and so on. Always plant late-blooming bulbs first and early-blooming flower bulbs on top of the container.

There are so many varieties to choose from. The options are endless, and you can create a gorgeous spring display. 

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