What We Can Learn From Plants

What We Can Learn From Plants

Knowing what we can learn from plants can open up a whole new connection with the natural world, and there is no better place to do that than in your garden. Plants have survived through changing climatic conditions, unrest, and us gardeners planting them in places they would prefer not to be planted! So, given how incredible plants are, what can we learn from them? 

Tenacity Is What We Can Learn From Plants

Considering that plants have been on the planet long before humans, we can definitely learn that tenacity gets you far! Plants adapt and evolve; they change according to the environment and have resulted in some of the most exquisite adaptations allowing better pollination, stronger roots, vibrant colours, and so much more. 

What We Can Learn From Plants Is to Be Happy 

When plants surround us, we know that they help to make us feel happy! Research has shown that both giving and receiving flowers is good for us, that house and office plants can help productivity and motivation, and that as we garden, endorphins are released, making us feel happy! These plants are excellent to keep as office plants:

  • Peace Lily
  • Aglaonema
  • Ficus Benjamina
  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia
  • Dracaena
  • Sanseveria

Focus Is What We Can Learn From Plants 

The tests involved with caring for plants are many and varied. From deadheading to sowing, watering to thinning out, there is always a job for the gardener! When you concentrate on caring for your plants, you are focusing on the moment, which is really good for your well-being. 

What We Can Learn From Plants Is That We All Need Something Different 

To thrive, all plants require different conditions. From soil type to feed and watering requirements, sunlight to companion plants. Each plant has different requirements to be its best self, and that is no different to humans. 

How to Thrive Is What We Can Learn From Plants 

Plants are simply growing to the best of their ability. Their continuous growth without any other focus allows them to become something beautiful. It teaches us that striving for our best to reach our potential can also help us bloom. 

What We Can Learn From Plants Is Not to Be Greedy

Plants only use the water and nutrients they need to continue growing. They don't take more from the soil than is needed for them to thrive. Something we can think about too!

Remember Your Roots Is What We Can Learn From Plants 

Plant roots are the survival system of most plants. Steading, supporting, and feeding the plant; it is what's below the surface that counts! Our roots are important to us, keep us grounded, and remember, it Is what is on the inside that matters more than what the world can see. 

Update your plant collection, both inside and outside, and select your favourites in store. 

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