Top Houseplant Care Tips

Top Houseplant Care Tips

These top houseplant care tips have been put together for you to help your houseplants thrive. Or, if you are new to houseplants they will give you the confidence you need to get started and know some basic top tips to start your collection of houseplants. Once you get one, you will undoubtedly get more! There are some general key points when looking after houseplants that will help you and we believe no home should be without plants. 

Houseplant Care Tips: Right Plant Right Place

The most important thing to consider, is just like outdoor plants, match the plant to the place. If you have a shady corner to fill, make sure you pick up a plant that will thrive in the shade because if you put a sun-loving plant in that spot and it doesn’t grow well, you will wonder what you have done wrong. Most labels describe in words on a diagram what conditions the plant needs. 

Houseplant Care Tips: Water Levels

It's really important to get to know your plants’ watering requirements and most plants will tell you straight away if they are unhappy. Yellowing leaves, drooping foliage, and generally unhappy-looking may mean you need to change the water levels. If anyone asks what is wrong with their plant, the first question is almost always ‘how much do you water it?’ Most houseplants require far less water than you might expect. Others will require constant moisture. A good houseplant book can really help to understand which needs watering more frequently. 

Houseplant Care Tips: Potting Mix

Don’t make the mistake of potting your houseplants into multi-purpose compost. Often, they have different nutrient levels to what your houseplant needs, perhaps less drainage and can often be the cause of fungus gnats. Purchase some good quality houseplant compost or cacti and succulent mix to ensure your plants have what they need in their pots. 

Houseplant Care Tips: Propagation 

When you have houseplants, you will soon want more! They give so much to a home, not just aesthetically but also for well-being. Did you know, you can also get free new plants from the plants you already have? Sansevieria can be propagated easily from cuttings in water, as can Pothos and Tradescantia along with the ever-popular Monstera and many more. You can even take leaf cuttings from Begonias and find new baby plants growing at the base of succulent leaf cuttings. It is very easy to grow more plants for free. 

Make sure, before and after you buy a plant, that you do some research so you know what to look out for. 

Purchase house plants in store and our friendly team can advise you as well.

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