Bring Japan into your home with Ficus Bonsai

Bring Japan into your home with Ficus Bonsai

If you’d like to bring Japan into your home with a Ficus Bonsai, now is a great time to get started. Known as the common Fig or Chinese Banyan, you’ll find it growing in Southwest Asia where there are many species both evergreen and deciduous and it is one of the best to grow as a Bonsai.

Why bring Japan into your home with Ficus Bonsai

It is one of the most popular Bonsai trees to grow and it can be shaped and pruned by anyone who enjoys Bonsai. Some of the reasons the Ficus is used is because it’s great for low light and generally copes well with varying temperatures, making it a right Bonsai plant.

Bring Japan into your home with Ficus Bonsai and learn how to look after it

Ficus enjoys morning sun and no cold drafts. They prefer to be in the same spot permanently and don’t do too well if they are moved suddenly. It’s a good idea to stand the plant onto a tray of pebbles with water to increase humidity. Keep a check on the Bonsai and water it well, but allow it to dry a little before watering again.

How to prune well to bring Japan into your home with Ficus Bonsai

One of the great things is how fast Ficus grows, meaning you get plenty of practice with pruning. You can prune all year, but heavy pruning is best done in the spring. Keep the new growth trimmed back during the growing season. Make sure you prune off any dead or damaged stems and leaves to keep it in good shape.

Feed your Ficus Bonsai for the touch of Japan in your home

It is essential to feed your Bonsai once a month all year, except during wintertime. As they are mini trees growing in small pots, they will use up nutrients quickly and will need fertilizer at half of the recommended amount to ensure it is well fed and growing healthy.

Bring Japan into your home with Ficus Bonsai and wire it perfectly

Wiring allows the Bonsai to be trained in different shapes. Use thin wire and only start training when the Bonsai is established and not just repotted. Be gentle but firm because if the cable is too tight, it will damage the Bonsai. Train into different shapes and see how creative you can be.

Display your Bonsai to bring Japan into your home

Why not grow your Bonsai in a beautiful container to set it off in a room. You could make it a table centrepiece or a stunning work of art on a windowsill. Wherever you do place it, make sure you can see it, admire it, and be proud.

For pots, soil, and Bonsai plants, visit us in store or online to find your perfect new project.

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