Flower of the month: Alstroemeria

Flower of the month: Alstroemeria

Are you wondering why you should grow Alstroemeria, and what exactly is it? There are many reasons why growing this plant can bring benefits to you and your garden, which we have included in this article. Often called the Peruvian Lily, Lily of the Incas or Parrot Lily, it is mainly found in the mountainous regions of the Andes but can also be grown in your garden. Here is why you should give this gorgeous plant a try in your garden. Find out everything about the flower of this month: Alstroemeria.

Pick from numerous colours is one reason why you should grow Alstroemeria

There are many varieties of Alstroemeria. In fact, the species has about 50 types of flowering plants. There are now about 190 cultivars of Alstroemeria with many beautiful colours varying from white to orange, yellow to apricot plus red, pink and purple. So there are plenty to choose from to grow in the garden, in a border, or a container as they brighten up a garden and are very reliable.

Another reason why you should grow Alstroemeria is that they are easy to grow

They are easy to grow in full sun and will need well-drained soil. Add in some well-rotted garden compost to the planting space before planting and plant them about the same depth as the container that you purchased them in. Give the soil around the plant mulch, and water well. They may not flower if they get too hot, but otherwise, they are always a delight. They can be quite prolific, so keeping them in a patch where they can't take over is also a good idea.

Still wondering why you should grow Alstroemeria?

It lasts ages as a cut flower. Alstroemerias can last in a vase for up to two weeks, which is a long time for a cut flower. To prolong flowering, remove any foliage below the water level to make sure they don't rot away and get rid of old water and replace it with fresh water every other day. If you have a cut flower feed, this can help as well, but they last plenty of time without that anyway. They will give you plenty of colour in the home for you to enjoy.

A reason why you should grow Alstroemeria is because of its symbolism

These gorgeously colourful flowers have numerous symbolisms, one of which is friendship. So, Alstroemeria's are great: 

  • to grow in the garden to remind you of a friend;
  • or to cut for a hand-tied bouquet produced by you and given to a friend as a present.

They also symbolize wealth and fortune - so you never know - growing Alstroemeria may even bring you prosperity!

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