Make birdhouses

Make birdhouses

It is excellent to make your own birdhouse, and there are many different ways to do this from recycling old household items to buying some wood or a birdhouse kit and making it yourself, DIY style. As long as it is safe, secure, and there is enough room, you are likely to see some of your typical garden birds nesting in no time. If you really want to see what goes on inside the birdhouse as nesting gets underway, there are even wildlife cameras that you can put into the box and watch the egg-laying and hatching action from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few ideas for you to make yours.


Use an old teapot to make your own birdhouse

It is always fun to upcycle and recycle household items to use in the garden, but did you know that you can use an old teapot to make into a birdhouse? If you take the teapot lid off and hang it up on its side with the spout facing downwards, your garden birds will find a very comfy nesting spot. Hang it up or attach to a fence or tree, securely and safely away from predators. Don't throw your old boots out either because they can even be made into a birdhouse.


Buy some wood and make your own birdhouse

There are many shapes and sizes with templates to make your own birdhouse online from wood that you have bought from the DIY store. So you can decide what works well for your garden and think about what birds you would like to attract to your space. The hole size in the birdhouse will be the deciding factor for many birds as if they can't fit in. They won't be nesting there, so keep that in mind. The fun part about making your own is that you can also paint it to match your colour scheme.


Make your own birdhouse with a specially designed kit

If you don't want to download a template online, full kits are available with the wood already cut out for you to put together. Plus, some kits come with fun colour paint, so it is a great way to get the kids involved as well. Don't forget the best way to attract birds is to create a biodiverse garden with plenty for them to feed on and lots of shelters as well.


We can help with shrubs and trees to attract birds plus tools and kits to attract birds to your garden.

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