Grow bamboo in the garden

Grow bamboo in the garden

Many gardeners grow bamboo in the garden as it can provide screening, interest, and bring a touch of overseas to the garden. Bamboo looks great in an urban jungle, and some birds really enjoy the tall bamboo and rustling leaves. But there are many things to think about before planting bamboo to make sure it doesn't take over your garden and the neighbours’. Our tips below should help you make the right choice for your garden and keep it in check.

Why grow bamboo in the garden

Bamboo has a long history and is from Asia originally, so it is used a great deal in gardens with that design in mind. Bamboo can look particularly stunning with uplighting, showing off those strong stems that are even used as scaffolding in some countries. It can be used in modern gardens as the only plants since they are stunning enough on their own.

Grow the right variety of bamboo in the garden

There are many varieties of bamboo, some far more invasive than others. They appear in different colours and sizes, which make them better suited to different environments. Make sure you check the variety before buying and planting to ensure it is the one for you. Just keep that in mind that it sprouts, grows, and spreads quickly.

Containers to grow bamboo in the garden

Bamboo is such a fast-growing plant that works well in containers or a bed with a barrier to ensure it can't get out! Just make sure your box is large enough for growth and keep it watered when needed. Placing a few containers with bamboo together looks cool, as does one on its own. Black bamboo can look incredibly attractive as it changes colour from green to black.

Grow bamboo in the garden for green credentials

There is some discussion regarding how bamboo can help the world's decreasing forests as it takes the greenhouse gases out of the air, then releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. As it is fast-growing, this can be helpful. It can be harvested from as little as one year up to five years, and it has a root system that can help to prevent soil erosion as well. Bamboo can get a bad name for itself, mainly because of how fast it grows, but with the right containment and care, Bamboo is an excellent plant that can be used in many gardens. After all, it's been grown successfully for centuries.

If you are thinking of growing bamboo, chat with our friendly staff for some advice in store.

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