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My Garden Style April 19th - 25th

After all the snow-rain-ice pellets and freezing rain of the last week, we have sun in the forecast. I know that will make you want to just run out and get some shrubs and tree to plant in your garden. I would recommenced to get the shrubs and trees, but make certain that the ground is not saturated before you plant what you have purchased. Planting in extremely wet soil, can set plants back a bit, so i would use a bit of caution.

Pansies are really the only flowering annual that can be planted right now , but they are such happy flowers that i always put a few in. They love to be planted in pots on your patio as well.

We have some veggies that are ready to go - Onion and Garlic bulbs and asparagus roots can go into the ground now. Onion, cabbage, broccoli and several other cold hardy vegetables will be available Wednesday April 25th. these will need a little covering if it goes below 5 degrees, but being able to eat your own home grown produce makes it worth the effort.

Hope to see you getting your garden style on here at Walter's soon.

Diane Hutchinson