363 Governors Rd East 

Paris Ontario

N3L 3E1

Tel: 519-752-4436

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Everything you need to get your garden started and growing

We carry a full line of Super Green Fertilizers Including:

Blood Meal

Bone Meal 

Blood & Bone Meal 

Perennial Food 

Tomato & Vegetable Food 

Rose Food 

Rhodo & Azalea Food

Aluminum Sulphate 

Soil Acidifier 

Dolomitic Lime

Our Favourite Vegetable Fertilizer is Acti-sol Hen Manure. Organic and well rounded, with extra calcium to prevent blossom end rot on tomatoes. 

Hydration equipment AKA watering cans, water balls and soaker hoses

Earth Safe Organic Fertilizers and Kelp Meal, which is good for Vegan gardening

Myke MYCORRHIZAE powder that helps increase the root size on newly planted shrubs and trees.  The purchase of the Shrub and Tree Myke will increase the warranty on selected trees and shrubs from 1 year to 5 years.

Our garden seeds come from Ontario Seed Company and Zappa Seeds.  Local reputable companies.

Seed starting and propagation necessities.

Gloves, Pruners Stakes and labels to keep your garden neat and organized

Moisture and PH Meters and test kits to make certain you garden soil is well balanced