You Know - the one that does not need soil, and can be glued to most items to make a work of art! We have several varieties and all the accents to go with them.  Mount them on some driftwood, or pop them into a terrarium, we can help you put together an amazing living present.


Grow some plants in glass.  We have hanging and sitting glass terrariums ready to plant up, or have us plant them up for you.  Miniature cacti and succulents or luscious ferns all decked out and ready for giving.  Custom orders can planted up in a short time, usually while you wait.


We have hundreds of Poinsettias in traditional and non traditions colours and styles.  Stop in and get a gold tinted or blue poinsettia, we also have the traditional red, white and pink.  We can add sparkles or glitter, place it in a favourite container of birch or just in a basic pot cover.  We will get you the plant of your Christmas dreams.


We have lots of different types of plants to suit any style.  Succulents that need very little water, Peace Lilies for that Beta Fish Jar and many selections in between.  Custom mixed herb pots and Venus Fly traps are popular gifts and fun to give

363 Governors Rd East 

Paris Ontario

N3L 3E1

Tel: 519-752-4436

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