Curbside & Delivery Ordering 

Please read details below as to how a curbside order is made

*Cost $10. +tx  (processing/picking fee)

*Minimum Order $25+tx

(this will be taken off of your order after final total is calculated)

*Total $35+tx to book a curbside Pick up

*Please make certain you are able to pick up on the day that you book.

*Purchase your pick up date as we have limited availability for each day.

*Send email with your Order number and items you want.

*Please include your phone number in the email

*Please state weather or not substitutions are ok

*Please give us as much detail as possible

– Plant name – variety – size – colour

*Delivery can be arranged 

*We will gather the items up and call you with the total for credit card or Visa Debit payment information.

($25 credit will be applied to the final bill)