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Walter's Story


Arriving to Canada in the mid 60's Walter worked at several jobs until he found the perfect property in what was then South Dumphries.  Opening his doors    on Mother's Day 1970, Walter worked  hard to grow quality plants for his adopted home. 

The late 80's brought his daughter, Diane, into the business, and things grew.  

In 1996 the addition of a growing facility in Wilsonville, just 30 minutes south of the original garden centre allowed for more production and control of what we have to sell.

In 2007 Walter's under went a major transformation, new greenhouses were put up and the old family residence was removed for more space.  Computer operated windows and roll up walls allow for better climate controls, which allow for a more pleasant shopping experience and better plant growth.

We hope you enjoy Walter's products and helpful personnel  in your quest for that perfect plant to go in the spot you have chosen.

Open from the first Saturday in March until December 24th 


Each season has a new look and new happenings at Walter's Greenhouses. 

Early Spring gives us Easter and a time to enjoy some sun inside the greenhouses.  The fresh smell of earth and blossoming flowers.


May arrives at the garden centre , full of promise.  Vegetable starts and thousands of plants ready to bring your garden to life.  Shrubs, Trees, Perennials , Annuals, Tropicals and herbs.

Summer arrives and large annual planters and sunflowers are usually available along with some specials throughout the store. 

Fall arrives and the cool crisp air beckon you to plant Mums, Pansies, Asters and more.  You add a bale of straw and some gourds and pumpkins and you have a display that your neighbours envy.

The final season for our year is Christmas.  Hundreds of Poinsettias, Lemon Cypress, Norfolk Island Pines are perfect for inside your home.  Fragrant boughs of Pine, Cedar and Cypress await your placement into containers to welcome guests at your front door, or are arranged at the table as a centrepiece for that big family dinner.